A Healthy Lifestyle.
From Us, to You.

Chef-driven catering for your wellness journey

i2U Culinary Solutions can impact your health in a variety of ways.
When you are vulnerable and hospitalized, we provide a nourishing meal to bring you strength. When you are struggling with your weight, diabetes, or any chronic condition we provide the education and tools to help you overcome. When you simply don’t know what to eat or how to make the time to prioritize your nutrition, we arrive at your door with a week of meals, perfectly designed to fit your needs. We also offer an initial on-site nutrition assessment and ongoing consultations and personal training services at our facility. A Healthy lifestyle – from Us, to You.

Food Is Medicine

Dietitian designed, and Chef inspired meals tailored for your lifestyle change. Our skilled chefs and dietitians have come together to create ready to eat meals.

Personal Training To Accompany Holistic Wellness

i2U is proud to offer in-house personal training services for our clients as we navigate, together, a comprehensive approach to your future.

Wellness Driven

i2U makes your lifestyle change that much easier by delivering delicious meals straight to your door.

Get started on your wellness journey or help your patients on their healthy path.

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Customers reviews

What people say?

I've learned that the type of food I eat really makes a difference. By eating properly, my body has rewarded me, with lower blood sugar levels and a better overall feeling of well being, when given a chance to heal.
I had a goal of losing 10% of my body weight in the first year. My first 2 mos. were hard. By leaning on my nutritionist, I was finally able to see little breakthroughs. Those little accomplishments proved that the methods were working. I saw a shift in my metabolism and the work became easier. I achieved my goals in about 7 months. I’ve lost inches in all the right places, 4 dress sizes.
I wanted to invest in myself and my family who depend on me. So I had to make a change for them. I tried different diet and workout fads here and there that weren't sustainable. I2U is different because Brent makes it so personalized and sustainable that it becomes a lifestyle change.

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